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What was Done?

Celebrate the creation of more than just a stand; it's the manifestation of a vision, a dream brought to life. AllSportLTD is delighted to present the remarkable result of our collaboration with Bohemians FC

AllSport LTD isn't just about constructing spectator stands and stadiums; we're dedicated to crafting extraordinary sports arenas. Our partnership with Bohemians FC is a testament to our steadfast commitment to stadium construction excellence.

When Bohemians FC entrusted us with their ambitious project, we recognized the opportunity to create something truly remarkable.

Right from the outset, our team closely collaborated with Bohemians FC to fully understand their aspirations and unique requirements. Our goal was not just to meet their expectations; it was to surpass them.

With our extensive experience in stadium construction, we knew that every detail, no matter how small, makes a significant impact. Our team of seasoned experts meticulously planned, designed, and executed the project, leaving no room for compromise.

 We take immense pride in our contribution to the Bohemians FC's stadium, setting new standards in sports infrastructure.

At AllSport LTD, we're not just in the business of building spectator stands and stadiums; we're in the business of building legacies. Our unyielding dedication to quality and innovation drives us to deliver projects that endure the test of time. We eagerly anticipate our continued partnership with Bohemians FC, helping them scale even greater heights in the future.

If you have a spectator stand or stadium construction project in mind, we invite you to connect with us. Together, we can bring your vision to life and create a space where dreams evolve into reality. Choose AllSport LTD for an unwavering commitment to excellence in stadium construction.

Forging Excellence at Bohemians FC with AllSportsLTD

We are confident in the quality of our work

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#withyouforthejourney #yourclub #forwardthinking=success

Testimonial Twitter Campaign

D Lambert- Bohemians FC

I can't thank AllSportsLTD enough for their exceptional work on Peninsula Stadium. As a lifelong fan of the team.
 I've seen the stadium evolve into a world-class facility that now hosts unforgettable moments.
From the comfortable seating to the impressive architecture, every detail reflects the dedication and expertise of the AllSportsLTD team.
Peninsula Stadium has truly become a source of pride for our community. Thank you for making our dreams a reality!

Crafting Stadium Dreams, Brick by Brick.

#withyouforthejourney #yourclub #forwardthinking=success


Bohemians Terracing 500_edited.jpg
The Stadium Experts


For all your bespoke stadium construction, renovation, and spectator facility development needs, AllSport Ltd stands as your premier partner. From grandstand seating to cutting-edge sports venue solutions, we're poised to assist you every step of the way.

Contact us through email or phone, or we can visit you on your site for a personalised consultation on your stadium project needs. At AllSport Ltd, we're committed to providing exceptional construction services tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations.

Our experienced team understands that the foundation of an outstanding sports facility is built on collaborative dialogue. We're keen to engage with you, explore your aspirations, and transform them into a tangible, state-of-the-art stadium reality.

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