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Planning Application

Provided by AllSportsLTD to obtain the necessary permissions and consents required for commencing a stadium construction project. This process involves detailed documentation and engagement with local planning authorities and regulatory bodies to ensure that the proposed development aligns with zoning regulations, environmental considerations, and community interests.

  1. Project Details: AllSportsLTD would provide comprehensive information about the proposed stadium construction project. This includes project size, scope, purpose, and intended use (e.g., sports venue, entertainment facility).

  2. Site Plans: Detailed site plans and architectural drawings illustrating the layout, design, and positioning of the stadium within the allotted land would be included.

  3. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): If required, an EIA report would be submitted, outlining the potential environmental impact of the construction and measures to mitigate any adverse effects.

  4. Traffic and Access Plans: A traffic assessment, including access points and parking facilities, would be part of the application to address transportation concerns.

  5. Community Engagement: Evidence of consultation with the local community, including public meetings or feedback sessions, may be included to demonstrate responsiveness to community concerns.

  6. Compliance with Regulations: The planning application would highlight how the stadium construction adheres to zoning regulations, building codes, safety standards, and any other relevant legal requirements.

  7. Visual Impact Assessment: For stadiums that are prominent structures in the area, visual impact assessments might be provided to show how the development fits into the surrounding landscape.

  8. Supporting Documentation: All necessary documents, such as financial statements, project timelines, and proof of ownership or lease of the land, would be included.

  9. Public Notification: Depending on local regulations, notification to nearby residents and businesses, as well as public notice in local newspapers, may be required.


Our design engineers can make your spectator stand ambitions a reality, providing detailed design drawings& calculations required for planning & building control, for £1095+VAT on stands under 500 capacity Get plans moving by dropping us a line today

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Allsport Spectator Facilities, based in Co Armagh, specializes in covered seating and terraced stands for sporting venues throughout Ireland. As exclusive distributors of Stadium Solutions, we offer 30+ years of experience. Our competitive rate of £895 + VAT is available for stands under 500 capacity.

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